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Why Choose TransportPR?

We are a fresh, dynamic and broad thinking PR agency with a flexible approach and a deep understanding of the UK Transport sector. Our team has considerable experience in the industry and a real grasp of the challenges and opportunities. Our key strength is our pro-active approach creating new and exciting PR opportunities.



Public Relations is about the exchange of ideas to make things happen. If there’s no need to change, then there’s no need for PR. It’s that simple! At TransportPR we won’t waste your time, we’ll tell you what you need to hear and offer you solutions that work for your business. Today’s economic climate means that those organisations emerging in good shape will be those that have maintained an investment in their reputation. At TransportPR we have the expertise to create or develop your reputation and take it where it needs to be.


You can only get to where you want to go, if you know where you are going. Once you have set a simple clear goal, TransportPR can position your organisation in the direction of achieving that goal. We will recommend communications tools that will create a stronger identity and enhance your organisation’s reputation. Let’s go back to first principles, investing in PR means we must establish your key messages. We can then advise upon the best means to deliver those messages.


We live in dynamic times, where new key players often appear. We can help your organisation establish who and which organisations it needs to start a conversation with. And those that you need to influence the most. You may know already who your stakeholders are, but let us help you be consistent about keeping those conversation alive and moving forward. We suggest undertaking stakeholder mapping exercises regularly.


We understand what makes a good news story and importantly how to pitch that story to the press. Our journalists and copywriters have written for broadsheets and trade press as well as the BBC. We can provide media training and encouragement to your staff, no matter the level of training they’ve had in the past.



Did you know that 3 out of 4 video views are now seen outside of YouTube. Producing great video content for your website and social media channels is essential, and it does not have to be expensive! Trust us. Our production team have over 25 years of experience from scriptwriting and storyboarding to shooting, editing, animating and packaging. TransportPR can mange the production of your film, whether for broadcast quality, your website or social media channels.


Yes it’s true! TransportPR can build your website. We can design, write and plan your content from scratch or augment what you have already. We will recommend content management to suit your organisation. Social media has become ingrained in day-to-day life, at TransportPR we believe that maintaining an effective social media presence isn’t just about broadcasting messages, instead more about having a conversation with your clients.


Since always being asked to recommend good desingers and printers for producing banners; exhibition stand display material; T-shirts for company fun runs; branded mugs and USP sticks; it was high time that we hooked up with the best screen printer in the UK – Steve The T-shirt dude. You’ll end up ordering those company T-shirts. You know you want to!


TransportPR has plenty hands-on experience of organising events, from press launches & intimate VIP dinners to leading industry seminars and conferences. We can provide a dedicated event management service or guide your in-house team on getting the most out of your investment.


  • “Great PR antennae”

    David Begg Transport Times
  • “Innate enthusiasm adapted into a shared understanding of corporate objectives”

    Jim Steer Greengauge 21
  • “Excellent industry knowledge”

    Mark Wood Orchid Maritime